Social Responsibility - Recycling!

How Does it Work?

The Cartridge Recycling Center Recycling Program is a community based collection program where the YMCA can collect unwanted cell phones and empty ink jet printer cartridges to turn them in for cash rebates. It's simple; just return your unwanted products to the YMCA.

How Can I Help?

Hardin County Family YMCA Is now collecting empty inkjet cartridges for recycling. We receive up to $4.00 for each cartridge recycled and .50 per cell phone recycled. Cartridges and cell phones can be deposited in our collection bin located next to the front desk. No large laser cartridges are accepted with this program and will not fit through the holes on our collection box.

Simply place your old cartridge in a plastic sandwich bag and deposit it in our collection bin. Most businesses simply throw their empty cartridges in the garbage so check a t work to see if they would donate their would be garbage. The acceptable cartridges are listed below. In addition to raising money for The Hardin County Family YMCA, recycling inkjet cartridges has a positive impact on the environment. Consider the following: Nearly 1 million inkjets are thrown into our landfills everyday. Less than 5% of the cartridges produced are recycled. It takes 1000 years for the plastic to decompose.

How Does this Help the Environment?

Annually, over 300 million print cartridges are consumed in North America, and more than 500 million cell phones get retired in North America. That’s millions of pounds of electronic waste that usually ends up in landfill. The Cartridge Recycling Center Program is good for the environment as you help divert used cartridges and cell phones from landfills.

Your support of the Cartridge Recycling Center program will help teach our community the importance of recycling, the benefits of tree planting and help raise funds for your YMCA.

For more information, please contact:
Hardin County Family YMCA